Filipinos Will Always Remember Dolphy

You will know if a person was loved by many.

The death of Philippine Comedy King Rodolfo “Dolphy” Quizon Sr. is not only a lost of his family but for many Filipinos around the world.

Every heart that he touched with all life’s lessons he taught and laughter he shared which gave a lift for many, Dolphy is unforgettable.

As I joined those ordinary people who are very eager to view and give last respect to his wake at The Heritage Park, I’ve got an unexplainable feeling while watching them and I did not noticed that tears fell off my eyes.

Elderly, children, disabled persons, even pregnant women with their maternity clothes on, whatever the weather is, they patiently waited and promised to stay until Dolphy is laid to rest.

But Dolphy did not want everybody crying for his death. He wishes people who love him to smile. On his wake, numerous songs he sang, especially those with happy and funny lyrics are being played.

That is a true comedian, indeed.

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