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Filipinos’ High Hope On 2011

About 93% of Filipinos are hopeful of the coming New Year, said Social Weather Stations (SWS). Whew, that’s big.

The figure is a little higher from 2009’s 89% and just two points off the 95% peak hit in December 2002. Seven percent of the respondents feared the coming year, but it’s down from 11% in 2009.

SWS also noted that the lowest point of 81% was recorded in 2004 after which hopefulness rebounded to 85% the following year, stayed flat at 91-92% for the next three years and then fell to 89% last year.

The question about people’s hope on New Year’s was originated in Germany. But the optimism among Filipinos is substantially higher than the Germans– which over 1991 to 2009 only ranged from 31-58%.

From 91%, the hopefulness among the class ABC rose to 97%; 95% from 89% among the class D or masa and 89% from 87% among the class E.

This is good news to us.

Pardon me, but I did not want to credit this development to the current administration.


  • Anonymous

    well, it’s already 2011’s midyear, still hopeless~! no change, ay meron pala mas tumaas ang percentage ng mga pinoy na naghihirap

  • dothy

    tama c mommy joy, mid year na pero parang wala pa ring nangyayari…pero sana naman magkaron ng magandang pagbabago bago magtapos ang taon…

  • J Allyssa

    Filipinos are always optimistic and I guess that’s one of the best qualities we all have in common. Kaya nga lang when it comes to times like this, yung hirap sa government isinisisi. Sana lang the Phiippines could progress fast, and maramdaman din sana ng mahihirap yung ginhawa. Yung pag-angat kasi ng economy mas nararamdaman lang ng mga nasa taas. 

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