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Drug Bust in BGC Boost Hunch on Mexican Drug Cartel Connection

After the string of operations the National Bureau of Investigation’s anti-narcotic agents conducted in recent months, yet another drug bust happened mid-week in the luxury neighborhood of the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. What the authorities discovered further supported intelligence reports that the Mexican drug cartel has found its way to the country in its efforts to go skirt the radar in high-profile locations in the Americas.

Cuffed and brought under custody were two Canadian nationals and their Filipino accomplice. Their operation of an “illegal drug kitchen” escaped the attention of the BGC condominium’s 24 hour corporate site security. In the perpetrators’ rented condominium unit, authorities found various kinds of drugs along with various laboratory equipment. The stash included millions of pesos worth of popular drugs such as shabu, ecstasy, and cocaine.

Authorities have yet to establish if this group is connected with the Siniloa group which was implicated in the drug raid in the Batangas ranch of former governor Antonio Leviste. It seems that these international drug groups have found coddlers belonging to the Philippines’ moneyed and influential set. The authorities, and the citizenry as well, will have to work harder in being vigilant about possible activities of these groups. The issue of drugs, after all, is not a problem of a select few but of the society as a whole.

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