Demoralized Military Alumni?

This weekend, I attended the 112th alumni homecoming of Philippine Military Academy in Baguio City.

It was very noticeable that only few cavaliers attended the event compared to previous years. Traditionally, most of the graduates of the academy find time to take leave from their duties just to attend. It was almost a perfect attendance before.

But after the controversies about the alleged corruptions in the Armed Forces of the Philippines, particularly the issue of "pasalubong" (welcome) and "pabaon" cash gifts and the suicide of former military chief and Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes, some glow has faded away.

In my interviews, some ranking officials of the AFP and Philippine National Police (PNP) who are also alumni of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) admitted that a deep wedge has been driven into the membership of the PMA alumni.

They were disappointed over the judgement of some people over the said scandal.

Most of the retired police and military officials who attended the event were disappointed with the grilling and actuations made by Sen. Antonio Trillanes (of PMA class 1995) during the Senate hearing regarding the alleged massive corruption in the AFP.  Some alumni even wear black T-shirt with banner saying "ARROGANCE IS NOT PART OF MY DISCIPLINE" as a sign of protest against the senator.

Trillanes reportedly overused his power when he grilled Reyes who later on took his own life. However, the senator denied it.

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  • J Allyssa

    I honestly believe corruption exists in the military system but the government should take action in a way na hindi maapektuhan lahat, and only those na may kasalanan ang managot. May natitira pa namang maayos sa kanila. 

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