Dealing Traffic Related Accidents Through Defensive Driving

For the past several years, there isn’t a day that no car related incident is being reported. In fact, some news stations have program segment specifically for accidents. It is alarming to realized that road accident happened more than one incident in a day.

This call for an intensified campaign on defensive driving. Above anything else, safety should be the main concern of everyone, especially to those who are always on the road and driving their own vehicle. It may be true that traffic related accidents are inevitable, but it can surely be prevented. This is basically the reason behind the government’s effort of imposing mandatory driving seminars before someone acquires a driver’s license.

Defensive driving is your ticket of staying on the safe side thus avoid the dangers caused by other people’s abusive driving. It is far beyond just obeying the basic traffic rules and regulations but allows the driver to obtain that skill that could anticipate situation and make safe well-informed decisions.

More than the skills of becoming a defensive driver is also the knowledge of identifying the things that a reckless driver would usually do thus causing the majority of street accidents. The most popular one is inattentive driving. This is the time when the driver “multitasks” or do other things like texting, having a phone call, eat, etc. while driving.

Keeping one’s alertness and focused while driving are essential because you are a small mistake could lead to death and it is not easy to deal with the road condition, other vehicles around you, traffic laws, signs and signals and even on your speed.

Nevertheless, no matter how safe you are on the road, you can’t be assured that the rest of you on the road are doing the same, hence accidents happen. And the effect of what we called “the force of nature” like floods and landslides were becoming a major problem recently for many vehicle owners. Many have already acquired auto insurance alongside with an accident premium for themselves and for their own family. You may start considering it and start searching for online car insurance quotes even before you purchase your car.


  • Karen Hand

    I believe it should be mandatory that every driver take defensive driver’s course prior to obtaining their license. I also believe it should be against the law to drive and text. That is so dangerous for both yourself, but other drivers.

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