Constitutional Crisis in the Philippines

Early next year, another history of impeachment trial in the Philippines will unfold. This time, a Chief Justice of the highest court in the land will be in the hot seat.

President Benigno Simeon Aquino III is unstoppable. He boldly expressed overly dismay against Chief Justice Renato Corona, who in an instant, was impeached by the President’s allies in the House of Representatives.

I doubt if the lower house legislators who pushed the impeachment complaints studied well enough. The solons alleged the betrayal of public trust, graft and corruption and culpable violation of the Constitution committed by Corona. But, do they have enough basis?

Did they really read the documents on the so-called articles of impeachment? As I interviewed some of the solons who attended the majority party caucus in the House of Representatives, they admitted that they haven’t seen the resolution. Yet, they were asked to signed it. Why such railroading?

The three equal branches of the government is now apparently under storm. Executive and Legislature against the Judiciary. Thus, the Constitutional crisis is looming.

Unfortunately, these developments would hurt the economy, simply because some investors might have apprehensions on the unstable situation in the country.

Did the Aquino government and his allies made the right move on pushing for Corona’s impeachment? Is there an abuse of power? Or some very personal interests and political vengeance blinded some people behind this?

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