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Avoiding Wedding Tragedies

Marriage can be the most memorable moment for a couple, next to having a child – the fruit of love.

Many would spend millions for that special day, they even get services from the experts like minneapolis wedding florists and minnesota wedding djs. Many have prefer the month of June to celebrate it but the current trend is scheduling it on December.

Some couple ended their story with “happily ever after” and they would together until their hair whiten but unfortunately, some have encountered tragedies even before the big day!

Headlines below are shockingly unbelievable:

  • Groom Dies in River Plunge : allegedly the groom committed suicide hours after exchanging vows
  • Couple Died on Their Honeymoon : allegedly the couple fell during a parasailing accident in a beach.
  • Florida Man Shoots, Kills Fiancee Day Before Wedding
  • Wedding Day Tragedy In Dearborn Leaves 1 Dead, 1 In Critical Condition

What I noticed among the tragedies? They wedding dates are all dated Saturday. Well, that can be a coincidence only.

Accidents can happen anytime at any place and to any couple. But I don’t think this is inevitable. The key is, do not go overwhelmed on your special moment. Remain focus even if your hearts are filled with happiness or at cloud nine. Also, if from the start, you have seen the “warning signs,” do not push the wedding, otherwise, you will spend a lifetime hell.

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