Anti-Smoking Campaign Is Useless

Smokers and cigarette companies are considered to be best buds when it comes to cigarette consumption. Smoking is a vice that is so hard to stop when the addiction has started to get into a person’s nerve.

No matter how strong are the campaigns against it, there would always be this group of smokers that would continue to patronize the product. Moreover, discount acid cigars will always be part of the online promos of different cigarette companies and will continue to lure smokers to avail such great deals.

Health departments in most countries are campaigning against smoking by presenting all the health risks it would caused to humans. Second-hand smoking is more dangerous, but some smokers did not even care.

Even the government and congress were pushing for the sin taxes, thus this will eventually forced  tobacco firms to increase the retail price. However, smokers will always find a way to purchase that precious stick.


  • Raziel

    Is it the role of the government to even regulate this thing? Where in the constitution does it say that the government has any right to “moralize” about smoking? If this is about health concerns, we have so many smokers who are already in their 80’s today who are just as “healthy” as their non-smoking counterparts. If we are to apply the same rule, then we ought to tax rice and prevent public consumption of the same due to its probable link to diabetes and its addictive potential (considering we can’t get by another day without it). Does the government have the right over this matter?

  • Erica M. Baylosis

    this is right .because our government cannot maintain this . sana nman gwan agad nila to ng paraan kaso parang malabo . hayahay

  • Steve del Castillo

    I think our lawmakers should passed a law about anti-smoking. higher penalty should be included when gonna make a law so that it is deterent who smokes on public places!

  • carla venice relayo

    thats true, if they really want to stop it they should penalize them with higher money and much higher tax.

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