A trusted car repair service, at last..

Car repair is really expensive especially if you own a luxury vehicle which is high in maintenance. It is also unfortunate that some service companies took advantage of its customers looking for unnecessary repairs thus imposing unreasonable charges.

I only learned recently that there’s a car repair shop that can be trusted and with a guaranteed fair price.

RepairPal has a website so you can actually check online the estimated amount of the service needed for your vehicle, depending on your location.

Not just that, from their website, their experts also give very useful tips like what are the common symptoms of the problem of your vehicle and what are the best practices should be implemented to avoid it. And I inquired about my Honda car too and truly their site is helpful.

What is more convenient is that they have mobile application so you can check their shop locations in case of emergency.


  • Vance/Purpleplumfairy

    TJV: We had a difficult time looking for a repairman to fix our van (Starex) right after the time of Ondoy. We almost lost hope in trying to fix that up. The Hyundai service center was packed with all the cars. Our car alarm had given up, the water drenched the entire seats and radio/component became useless. Had I known about RepairPal before, things would have been different for us. Anyway, it was a good thing, our van can still be used up to now except that it no longer has an alarm and radio. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    it’s really very important to look for a trusted car repair company for our vehicles. budget alloted for car repairs is no joke, nakakabutas talaga ng bulsa.

  • J Allyssa

    Very important to have a car repair service you trust kasi you;re going to leave them your car which is hindi naman biro ang halaga. Plus baka palitan nila yung ibang parts na working naman. 

  • Steve from auto repair

    if it cost anything for the site its not worth it… you can just as easily go to a couple of shops and get quotes and use the lesser of them. But also see what is being done per quote one may be better in that way even tho it may not be cheaper.

  • bm54 repair

    When repairing a car, sound system repairing is important, particularly if you own a BMW. I tell everyone to get a BM54 repair kit, whoever has a BMW.

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