A Testimony, A Drama And The True Motive

Finally, the Chief Justice of the Philippine Supreme Court faced the impeachment court trial today.

It was the first time in Philippine history that a Chief Magistrate was put on a trial.

He have said his piece. And for more than three hours in the witness stand, he had his time to lambast the President and all his detractors, especially the 188 solons who pursued the impeachment complaint against him.

At one point, Corona became emotional. Cried but no tears.

Corona submitted a waiver for all of his bank accounts and properties to be publicly scrutinized. However, it will effect only if all the impeachment complainants submitted their waivers too.

And no one in the 188 solons and even Senator Franklin Drilon, which Corona also mentioned, would dare to do the same. They claim that it was only Corona’s trap.

When Corona walked out of the session hall without the impeachment court’s permission and then returned on a wheel chair, many judged it as a drama with a bad script.

What happened Tuesday can be drama or a strategy of Corona’s camp. But we cannot judge if it is a bad script. We did not know their deep intentions. Or if all was an impromptu.

The thing is, the impeachment is a political process and the judiciary is supposed to be not politicized. Not to mention that the 2013 senatorial and local elections is near.

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