A Half Billionaire

Almost half a billion pesos jackpot prize in lottery is at stake tonight!!! This is the biggest lotto jackpot in Philippine history.

Many Filipinos try their luck and patiently waited in very long lines at lotto outlets nationwide, just to bet their number combinations. Poor and rich (even politicians and government officials), have caught the lotto fever. They’re hoping to beat the very diminutive odds of winning.

Will there be an instant millionaire who only invested at least P20 for each number combination? We will know, soon!!

I am actually excited for those who betted. Good luck to them!

But I, myself, did not gamble. Ever since, I doubted my chances of winning in such method. Honestly, I don’t believe in luck.

As what Pulse Asia chief research and statistician Ana Tabunda said, the probability of winning, let say, in 6/55 Grand Lotto, is 1 in 28,989,675!

This means 28,989,675 is the total number of 6-digit combinations one can draw from 1 to 55. Buying 2 tickets bumps your chances only to 2 in 28,989,675.

When Pulse Asia asked people in general on what will they do when they’re already desperate about getting out of poverty, 13% of them said they will bet in the lotto.

“To look at the pot as your one chance out of poverty. It’s really very small. You’re better off selling barbecue or banana-cue,” Tabunda said—- and I totally agree!


  • Dothy

    Kelan kaya uli lalaki ng ganyan yung pot money? Pero with the number of combinations, better pang gastusin sa ibang bagay yung ipangtataya sa lotto 🙂

  • J Allyssa

    My take on this is kahit gaano pa karaming combinations yung tayaan mo, if it’s never meant for you, then it won’t be for you. Yung iba nga 1 combination lang, nananalo. 🙂 

  • Steve del Castillo

    You know how i wish to win a lotto game someday. cause my if i win a million peso i would put up a business and go to US with my wife for some checkup of her rare disease in her hips

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