A Failure In The Justice System

Many people would wonder why some trial courts and even the Highest Tribunal flip-flops on deciding in different cases.

Is it because, judges and the Magistrates make some blunders after the thorough proceedings and review of the case? Or the apparently because of the untamed corruption in the judiciary?

Flip-flopping, especially by the Supreme Court, is dangerous. It happened not once but many times.

There’s the ongoing drama in the graft case against Efren Alvarez, mayor of the Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija.The mayor was found guilty beyond reasonable doubt with the Sandiganbayan unanimous vote in 2009 and the Supreme Court affirmed it in 2011 with 5-0 votes. But suddenly the supposed order of arrest against Alvarez was halted because the Supreme wants to hear the case once more.

It was in 2011 also when the SC reversed its previous decision that found Philippine Airlines liable for the illegal retrenchment of 1,400 flight attendants in 1998.

And the very recent was when the High Tribunal also retracted and even reversed its own decision involving a P329 Million liability claim of a property insurance company against a Singapore-based multinational company which, due to negligence, set ablaze and gutted down a WG&A “Superferry” vessel which was brought to their shipyard in Cebu for repair.

These are unfortunate events which could really undermine the credibility of the highest court in the land. If this will continue, the hope of most Filipinos for justice will fade away.


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