A Day of Sorrow for Filipinos

No one has stopped China.

Death sentence has been meted out today.

Three Filipinos, Sally Ordinario-Villanueva, Ramon Credo and Elizabeth Batain received the most grave penalty after the Supreme People’s Court in China promulgated their punishment.

Even the Philippine government failed to save them. It was President Benigno Aquino III himself admitted that they can’t question the final decision. What the administration did was just appeal to China leaders, up to the last minute. Hopes for a miracle, prayers and tears overflowed.

But the destiny of the three Filipinos has been written. They are set to die through lethal injection. And they did.

At the height of our news coverage about the execution, I can’t help myself but silently cried and prayed for them. I don’t know these people but I can feel their grief.

I cannot blame China, but they are not God. Nevertheless, I admire their strict implementation of laws. That should also be a practice here in the Philippines to send a strong signal against criminals, local and foreign syndicates. To discipline Filipinos.

I cannot fully blame the three executed helpless Filipinos too. They are victims of poverty and lack of opportunities in the Philippines. But I want to express my condemnation to those who victimized and dragged them into such illegal activities.

There are so many things to be learned from this sad incident. It should be an eye opener for everyone, especially for the government to act now, sincerely and clearly.


  • Gillian

    There are many valid points you made in this post. For one, I believe in discipline. I also believe people make choices (sometimes bad, even fateful ones) based on their circumstances/environment. It's truly sad to think of all the GOOD people that have suffered the consequences of their poor decisions at crucial, desperate times. These three people, case in point.

  • Mapanuring Pinoy

    kung may sisisihin tayo, ito yung mga immigration official na nagpalusot sa kilo-kilong heroin na dala ng mga drug mule. may kasalanan din yung tatlo kasi they should have been more cautious sa mga pinapadala sa kanila. hindi naman siguro kasalanan ng balat ng saging kung madulas ka dito dahil sa kapabayaan mo. kung alam naman nila yung tungkol sa bitbit nilang droga (which is possible kasi kilo-kilo ito), hindi dapat nila ito pinatulan.

  • J Allyssa

    Yes sana nalang higpitan ang airport screening dito para hindi na makalusot dito pa lang yung illegal traffickers. May they rest in peace. 

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