5 Reasons Work Exhibitions Are A Powerful Tool

Whether you’re a company selling products or an artist with a back catalogue of works to sell, exhibitions can play a vital part in your ability to get your wares out there into the world. They are a place where people (potential clients or buyers) can come together to view your goods and choose to buy or invest in what you are creating. Although the obvious opportunity at a work exhibition is to sell goods and make money, there are a slew of less obvious but equally powerful reasons why these situations make for powerful business tools. Here are five of those reasons.


If someone is at your work exhibition but not buying something, don’t write them off straight away. Upon getting to talk with them you might find that they are in fact a potential ally – maybe they are able to bring your work to previously untapped marketplaces, or maybe they can recommend what you do to other potential clients so that you can gain work in the future. A simple handshake and a smile is often the best way to facilitate a future partnership and is an interaction that should not be overlooked.

Customer familiarization

Once they have arrived at your work exhibition, clients might find that they were only aware of a small portion of the goods or services that you have on offer. Having only previously engaged in one aspect of what it is that you offer, they could well decide to get ahead and make use of the other elements of your business or creative outputs. To maximize the chance that you will have them return to what you have to offer, why not have some brochures printed and made available at the work exhibition? If you don’t have the time to do make your own brochure, there are a plethora of custom printing websites that you can make use of to get your brochures made. Most have ready-made brochure templates that take all the hard work out of your hands.

Feedback Opportunity

If you are demonstrating your work to a room full of your peers, it can be a very beneficial process to request or be open to feedback from them. Feedback is a great way to improve the work that you are doing (provided that it is constructive) – you might even get a few compliments which is always nice!


If you are putting work you have done on display with work from other businesses or artists then looking at the work of you contemporized can be a really exciting way of making yourself aware of trends within your field and what makes you stand out from the rest.


Sometimes you just need to let your hair down and have a laugh and a chat. There is no better group of people than colleagues and like-minded individuals who you can open up to. Work exhibitions are always full of merry times such as these.

If you haven’t yet been part of a work exhibition or thrown your own, it’s about time you have a go! Based on our suggestions there really is no going wrong.

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