5 Pieces of Safety Equipment to Have on a Construction Site

Construction sites involve working with a lot of heavy equipment and no matter what steps we take to prevent any problem or injury, the occasional catastrophe is inevitable. What any construction worker from the top to the bottom of the business needs to do to help is keep an eye on all safety procedures and equipment. Here’s a list of five basic things that you need if you’re going to be doing serious construction.

Guards and Rails

Falls are one of the most common accidents that occur on a construction site. Unfortunately they are also one of the worst. Between workers falling from stories up and things falling on workers who aren’t in the right place a lack of respect for gravity can cause real chaos. So remember to put up handrails with toe boards and warning lines to prevent falling. Also remember to fence off any ares that are a major risk for falling objects.

Trench Shoring

Never go into an unprotected trench. Shoring protects against any possibility of collapse that may end in injury or even death for a worker inside. Until a trench is appropriately shored up and safe there is no good reason to enter it. Shoring is easy and inexpensive to put up and any speciality equipment you may need for the job is easily acquired at

Hard Hats

This one is basic but everyone could do with a reminder. Having a proper and properly maintained hard hat will keep the majority of risks to a minimum. Do remember to inspect any and all hard hats though. There are occasionally cracked weakened or damaged parts of the hats that could let through some of the damage. One little fault point could be the difference between a small thudding noise and a concussion, or, if you happen to be running the project, a lawsuit.

Grounding Prongs

Electrical faults can range from a minor annoyance to a potential fatality with everything in between being fair possibilities. Because of this it’s hard to tell how severe a problems going to be and every difficulty needs to be treated seriously. Set up some grounding prongs on all extension cords and you can avoid any dangers of accidental breakage. A grounding prong will quickly make sure that any electrical failure in a broken cord is contained and keep workers safe from accidental contact.

Hazardous Waste Containers

Some of the chemicals you use during construction are acidic, damaging and potentially poisonous and some of the chemical run-off is hazardous to the environment and the people who work there. Keep these chemicals contained in safe canisters, label them clearly and keep them separate from everything else.

Often some of the things that can get workers hurt quickest and worst are the basic things people just forget. It doesn’t take an expert mind to remember to put hazardous waste in containers, or to keep a hard hat on. What it does take is diligence, checking over and over that things are all right, and that’s the best thing you can do for your own safety.

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