3 Fundamental Online Tools for Businesses

Whether you’re building a house or devising an escape plan, you need something to help you out – a tool. The same goes for businesses. You need tools to succeed. To that end, here are some tools that just might nail the success you have always been looking for:


Imagine a business with its employees not communicating, or a business without an efficient planning system, or a business without a tracking methodology. Having trouble imagining? I can’t blame you. Such business is non-existent. It is deader than a stone.

CRM, intranet, activity calendar, real-time streaming – these are tools most businesses can’t live without. is a web and mobile-based social intranet platform that allows employees to communicate with each other, share updates as they happen, plan activities, track obligations, monitor transaction updates, even upload photos in a gallery. And if that already sounds cool to you, wait till you hear this one: is free for companies with 12 employees or less. If you have more than 12 people in your roster, subscription is $99 monthly.


So what’s in a name, you might ask. For some, not a lot. But for a business, a whole lot. Once a business decides on a name, whether it’s for a service or a product, subsequent marketing, advertising and branding campaigns revolve around the name, which is why it’s important to choose it with utmost care.

PickyDomains is an online branding agency that has been revolutionizing the way professional naming is done since 2007. With PickyDomains’ pool of over 50,000 registered contributors, you get hundreds, even thousands of suggestions for your branding needs. Simply register as a client, make a deposit of $50 for a name or domain ($75 for slogans) and specify your requirements. If you think none of the suggestions is the right one, you get a refund.


For some business owners, to get some jobs done, air travel is a necessity. Unfortunately, despite the proliferation of online travel sites, flight sites and comparison websites, finding the cheapest possible deals can still be a pain. It’s because most airlines don’t share their best deals with third-party sites they don’t have contracts with. They don’t want to lose potential sales to their peers. The consumer, unfortunately, would then have to spend time checking one site after another to find the best deal., previously tested in smaller geographies such as Russia where it was met with phenomenal success, is a search engine that helps you discover cheap flights, evaluate airfares from 728 individual airlines and hundreds of flight sites to select the best deal possible – all in a matter of minutes, truly your one-stop airfare shopping destination.

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