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Boxing Is Not For Killing Each Other, You Know – Pacquiao

I am a true-blooded and a proud Filipino, but I bet for Mexican boxer Antonio “Tijuana Tornado” Margarito. Not because I like him, but I pity him.

Everybody loves a winner. And Pacquiao is enjoying it.

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of Manny Pacquiao. But his recent fight with Margarito gave me a good impression for him.

Pacquiao is not a killer. He had his chances to knockout Margarito but he did not do so. The Filipinos’ champ took mercy on a bloodied opponent by pulling his hardest punches in the final minutes.

He let Antonio finished the 12-round fight with his pride.

With 474 power punches compared to Margarito’s 229, Pacquiao won the bout in a unanimous decision.

Based on the fight contract, Pacquiao is guaranteed $15 million while Margarito is assured of $3 million. Both fighters will also receive a percentage of the revenues based on the pay per view buys.

I wonder if the constituents of the Sarangani Representative will have a share of his million dollars from the boxing fight.


  • J Allyssa

    I, too, am not a Pacquiao fan. Pero you can’t help but admire him AS A BOXER and he never boasts his achievements. And with people all over the world admiring him, you get carried away too. :))

  • Vance/Purpleplumfairy

    TJV: I both like and dislike Pacman. I like him because he honors God even in front of everyone, he knows that he owes his strength through Him. I like the fact that he’s able to share with others, but users and those that truly need his help. I like that he respects his mother too.  I also like that he’s trying his best to study and improve his English. But I dislike him for entering politics. In my opinion, Pacquiao can help if he wants to help, but politics is such a crazy world that gullible persons like him should not even try nor dare to enter. Unfortunately, he did and won…If I were him, I’d concentrate on sports alone, have business later on, make a foundation to help and reach out to people. But never run in elections, esp. Presidential ones. 

  • Steve del Castillo

    Truly Boxing is a dangerous sport! It can kill you or give you future disease like the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease!

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