Why You Should Consider Buying New House Amid Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic that the world is experiencing now teaches every nation and everyone several lessons – discipline and responsibility towards other people, the importance of life and health and the importance of family and home.

As more and more are getting infected with the virus infection, some nations are experiencing overwhelmed healthcare system. In the Philippines, there are hospitals in the National Capital Region that has more than 100% of hospital bed occupancy for COVID-19 patients and even the isolation and quarantine facilities are almost full. Healthcare workers are not enough to attend to all patients, and they too, got infected.

It was very unfortunate to learned that some COVID-19 patients of mild cases left no choice but to stay in tents that were converted as isolation areas. It is because their houses are too small for quarantine and cannot risk their family members to get afflicted too. But the problem is – there is a possibility that your health conditions might aggravate due to the situation in the public facility, given the exposure.

Some patients shared that had they known that the COVID-19 virus will come, they could have availed government loans for socialized housing. There are actually almost 17,000 members of the Pag-IBIG Fund belonging to the minimum and low-income sectors who got approved for socialized housing loans last year even during the pandemic.

Despite the challenges brought by the health crisis, the Philippine government offered its loan program for housing to small workers under the most affordable terms with a subsidized rate of 3-percent yearly for Pag-IBIG members earning not more than P15,000 per month within the NCR and not more than Php 12,000 per month for members outside of NCR, who will buy socialized housing units. The 3% per annum is a special rate for minimum and low-wage workers which the government housing agency implemented since May 2017.

Calculating how much a member can borrow would bring up to P580,000 for socialized house he/she would buy, or up to PHP 750,000 for socialized condominium unit.

Having an own house especially during this pandemic will give you a peace of mind and safety for you and your family. It doesn’t need to be expensive, socialized housing unit with enough space for the whole family will do. There is nothing wrong to prepare because we will never know when we will get infected with the virus and how much the healthcare facilities in your area can accommodate patients.

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