Why Releasing Working Photos If The President Is Really Working?

Activist groups has a new tag for Philippine President Benigno Simeon Aquino III —- NOYNOYING.

Noy-noying is referred to Aquino as a bored, non-performing President. And to counter it, did the administration intentionally released the President’s working photos? This is obviously, a pictorial.

Well, Malacanang officials already said that those photos are not for damage control. And so, are we now expecting more and true accomplishments from the government especially for the welfare of poor and hungry Filipinos?

Take look at the photo below. Empty desk, ash tray and a pack of cigarette beside him. Can you see a working President? Is it a candid shot? Apparently.

International media, Wall Street Journal picked up the story on Noynoying. And this could affect the Philippine leader’s credibility. The paper said…

Basically, Noynoying involves sitting around staring into space, much like Mr. Aquino supposedly does instead of running the country, at least according to some of his critics. In recent days, farmers have thrown laissez-faire poses on the steps of the Philippines Supreme Court while waiting for a land-ownership ruling. Local newspapers pictured several students last week lounging around stifling yawns as a protest against what they view as the government’s reluctance to stop gas prices rising.

Noynoying plays on the widespread perception that Mr. Aquino – who is widely known by the nickname Noynoy – might not be the most hands-on president to have led the Philippines. Since being elected in a landslide in 2010, Mr. Aquino has sometimes been caught laughing it up with celebrities instead of attending to the impact of typhoons and other disasters. It also taps into old Philippine folk tales about Juan Tamad, or Lazy Juan, who manages to get by doing the least amount of work to get by.

Of course, we do not want the international community to look down at our Chief Executive. President Aquino cannot please every Filipino about his performance and so he must think of ways to make the majority of his people believe that there’s a great future for this country.

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  • Mommy Pehpot

    maniniawala sana ako sa released photos kung may ashtray dun at yosi na kalahati eh upos na.. he’s a smoker and smokers can’t work without smoking hehehe

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