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Why Jessica Sanchez Did Not Win American Idol?

No doubt. She has an astounding voice and many who have watched her performances knew it and always believe that she’s a winner.

But Jessica Sanchez loses to Philip Phillips in the grand finale of the season 11 of “American Idol.” Phillips got the majority of the 132 million votes after their final showdown.

Sanchez’ runner-up place is the highest finish of a singer of Filipino heritage on American Idol.

But why she did not won?

It is a fact that Phillips is a great performer. He is a true-blooded American, in which Jessica is not. Sanchez is a half-Filipino and half-American. Her mother was born in Bataan, Philippines. And so if the large percentage of choosing the winner is from voting, Sanchez would stand a little chance on getting the title.

It may not be an intention to discriminate, but of course, the winner should be chosen based on the real target of the show – the American Idol.

Also, in their final showdown, many have commented that Jessica apparently failed to make an impressive performance. Sanchez and Phillips competed in three rounds for the top spot. The Fil-Mexican singer performed “I Have Nothing” of Whitney Houston, “The Prayer” of Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli and Change Nothing.

Jessica may have lost the title but there’s a silver-lining for her. Casablanca Records co-owner and former Sony Records CEO Tommy Mottola will be working on Sanchez’s first record. I remember Akon also would like to get Sanchez. And there are more opportunities to come.

Well, Jessica Sanchez is not an American Idol, she is a World Idol.



    I don’t think heritage nor ancestry played a factor here… besides, the only true Americans in the US are the American Indians… everyone else came from somewhere even the caucasians… as far as I know, they came from Europe… 😀

    American Idol targets teens, young girls. Compared to boys, girls are more likely to vote than boys and of course they’ll vote for the cute guy…

    Jessica did improved the ratings of American Idol this year but ratings doesn’t mean votes… Hopefully, they’ll release the actual number of votes received by both contestants so the fans of the show can see how the voting went…

  • Deann

    I agree with you even my sister believe that, she won’t win the contest because she’s not a pure american. It’ll be a disgrace to them if Jessica win the contest.
    Like when she’s voted out and saved by the judges because American people is racist.

  • Niels Gabriel Nable

    I quite disagree with what you said. Probably the main reason why Jessica Sanchez did not win the whole thing is because there are just much more voters for Phillip Phillips. And I don’t think, if this is what you are pointing in your article, racial discrimination happened during the run of the show. It’s just that Phillip had catered the audience which includes gazillion teenage girls compared to the supporters of Jessica.

    And yes, Jessica Sanchez has an astounding vocal ability and every performance she had was absolutely overwhelming and amazing.

  • kit

    I am sorry but I disagree. I rooted for Philipps since day one. Yes,he is not a great singer and he even admits it but I prefer to listen to his type/genre of music on the radio or even in my ipod. I am not a big fan of ballad type of music (Whitney..etc.) , that is why i was not really rooting for Jessica. I have American friends who think the same, that is why Philipps “Home” got into top ten itunes. It was much more soothing to listen to (personal taste) . And why did you say she is the world idol?! Europe,Africa and other continents don’t make a big deal of AI.

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