Why I Stop Patronizing Cebuana Lhuillier

Simply because they only think of business and profit. Based on my own experience, they do not recognize humane consideration. That’s as far as I am concern. Some people may have the same encounter as mine, some are not.

I remember one of their advertisement which featured by singer-actress Sarah Geronimo against other money transfer firms, bragging that they are more caring and have excellence than others. Well, that’s advertising. What do you expect from promotional tools but stating only what are their good services but not the failure of their system?

Sometimes, too strict regulations can pose dangers to others. What am I talking about?

When my son was confined at a private hospital, we are not financially prepared for that emergency so we were forced to lend some money from a relative in abroad. It was a blessing when that relative shared an amount to us.

But when I am about to withdraw the cash, Cebuana Lhuillier won’t allow me to get the money. Because that relative of us failed to include “Ma.” on my first name. I already showed to the branch cashier my identification cards, gave her the details about the sender. And when it’s not enough, I called our relative in abroad to verify again my details and so he went to the bank where he deposited the money for amendments.

Unfortunately, Cebuana Lhuillier still did not gave us the money for reasons we don’t know. Very inconsiderate of them! My sick baby was in the hospital and no one attended to him but my very old father because I need to get the money from Cebuana Lhuillier. Can you imagine how pressured I am? Thinking that I cannot have the money to buy medicines for my son added insult to an injury.

Then, my relative suggested to try withdrawing it to other money transfer firms. And it was successful, thankfully!

Cebuana Lhuillier’s tagline “Walang Kapantay Magpahalaga” may not be appropriate for them. It just raise some eyebrows.


  1. Gessa

    This happens to us. My sister in US gave me $100 via xoom so we decided to claim it in Cebuana Lhuillier, unfortunately, they didn’t allow my mom to claim it due to the IDs she has. According to them they only accept those being released by Government. Oh well, luckily, in our province, Daanbantayan, CL accepted my mom’s company IDs.. I guess there are just some branches that really strict enough in claiming this kind of transactions. that time my mom really said that CL is not good in terms in this kind of transaction..

  2. Nortehanon

    No experience yet with Cl specifically getting from them a money sent from abroad. With money transfers done locally, I am a fan of Smart Money. Fast, easy, and cheap 😉

  3. dimaks

    signatures and photos are basic requirements for an ID. It will be hard to identify a person with just the name. But then again, I think TIN IDs are included in the listed “government issued IDs”, as what can be seen posted inside most of these money transferring agencies.

  4. Gil Camporazo | RandomThoughts!

    Well, let’s not be judgmental. They have to protect the interest of their customer. They’ve the reason to do that. In fact, it’s a lesson that everyone should take seriously to be extra careful. Though your cause is very urgent. Money matters.

  5. stacy

    I don;t see anything wrong with the proceedure. It is done against fraud. You relative can have it instantly corrected and the moment that he/she does you can withdraw your money na. I did that correction thing many times.

  6. Cebuana Lhuillier

    We regret to learn about your unfortunate experience in one of our branches. There was no intent to inconvenience you in any way. However, to protect valued clients like you from malicious individuals, maintain the security of clients’ transactions, and uphold integrity of our company, we strictly abide by the ID regulations set by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

    For comments and inquiries, please email care@pjlhuillier.com, call 899-6208 (PLDT) or 728-3826 (Globelines), or text 0917-8122737(Globe) or 0918-8122737 (Smart).

    Cebuana Lhuillier Management

    1. jheng

      unfortunately not all your staff is following accommodating in manner of handling clients. Some of them are rude and sarcastic, they eat and chat in front of counter dyan sa novaliches, simbahan branch nu.

  7. Karen

    The security is too much..and it is being unconsiderate already! We are also customers with these valid ID’s. Everything was complete except for the wrong spelling of my surname and still they won’t release the money. This is so disgusting!

  8. Avid Thinker

    I totally agree with this post. Just because of a misspelled name, we can’t get our highly needed money? We already have the control number in the first place, how can it be fraud? I hope Cebuana will change this rule. Customers are supposed to be served, not inconvenienced over such a trivial matter!

  9. Padocs

    Nag sangla ako ng kwintas sa cabanatuan branch burgos st. Cebuana lhuillier 2 years ago. Unfortunately, pagka tubos ko ng kwintas, binawasan nila ito, i have evidence kase tri color un, at ung binawasan nila e may naiwan kaya alam na pinutol. Mamahalin ang kwintas ko na un galing hongkong. Kunwari pa na pipirma ka sa plastic pero papipirmahin ka muna habang ndi naka sealed ung plastic at ung alahas sa loob. Lagi ako nag sasangla ng alahas sa kanila at dahil sa nangyare na un hindi na ako mauulit. Ngayon, pang bata na lang ang aking kwintas dahil naging short na ito at hindi na kasya sa leeg ko! Mag ingat sa pag sangla ng mga alahas kase nawawalan na ito ng value pag katubos nyo.

  10. Joann Antonio

    Good Day! ask ko lang if lahat ba ng Cebuana Lhuillier iisa lang may ari? well ask ko lang kasi complain ko ung Cebuana Lhuillier sa Cogeo Branch 1 yung sa tabi ng Chowking. Ganto kasi yun.. Nagpadala ang Mpmmy ko from Hongkong Kahapon feb.14, 2013 ng Umaga mga before 11am, then now ko lang nakuha kasi nasa work ako pumunta akong cebuana nung free time ko kaninang 9am feb.15, 2013 then sabi nung girl na teller mali daw control number ko kasi ung # sa iba daw nkapangalan text or call ko daw mommy ko. Since may work si mommy di agad un makakasagot sa text or call ko kaya umuwi muna ako. Nang nasa house nako tumawag si mommy sabi tama naman daw ung Control# balikan ko daw ulit kaya bumalik ako ng 1PM then pag dating ko dun mali daw talaga ung # ko sa iba daw nakapangalan di daw nya makita kasi baka na payout na. Naguluhan nako kung bakit ganun pagod nako kababalik kaya naisip ko lipat ng ibang branch pumunta ako sa Cogeo Branch 2 napaka lapit lang sa kanila ng branch 2 pero sa laking gulat ko walang tanong tanong na payout agad ung padala sakin ni mommy (HOW COME AT SA BRANCH 2 DI NAKO NAHIRAPAN?!) kaya sa inis ko binalikan ko si branch 1 ask ko sila kung bakit sakanila diko ma payout sana pala sa branch 1 nalang ako nagpunta nung umpisa palang. (MARUNONG BA MAG COMPUTER SI TELLER NG BRANCH 1? bakit ganun nangyari?)sabi ko sa isip ko. Sagot ni miss teller na DELAY LANG PO YAN nung pumunta kayo sa Branch2 dumating na pero nung nandito kayo kanina wala pa ung pera. (PANO NANGYARI YUN EH HI-TECH NA NGAYON MINUTO LANG MATANGGAP NA aGAD YUNG PADALANG PERA NOH?! AND KAHAPON PA UN PINADALA NG MOM KO ANO KAYO DELAY SUPER DELAY?) Ang kinagulat ko sumabat si lalaking semi kalbo NA TELLER DIN sarkastic ang tono sabi nya “EDI MAGANDA NAKUHA MONA ANO PANG PINUPROBLEMA MO?” (Nagpanting ang tenga ko kaya bago pako maka sagot ng di maganda umuwi nAlAng ako at dadaanin ko nalang sa feedback kung gano ka BASTOS Ang mga teller ng CEBUANA LHUILLIER COGEO BRANCH 1

  11. Pedro

    I will never transact with Cebuana Lhuiller again. I can’t help but think that their policies are designed to intentionally make it difficult to claim our money. They refused to hand out the cash since the sender failed to include my second name. I had two valid ID’s and the transaction code. Hindi pa ba enough yun to establish na ako yung recipient? Siyempre they earn interest every day the money is stuck with them and they’ll even charge the sender when the name needs to be changed.

  12. ameerah

    We experienced different way. We were the one who sent money locally, its kinda business…we were about to buy products we gave money to this group personally and then according to them it was not enough so we send money 4x via cebuana lhuiller that’s what they asked for. Well tomake the story short the product and the group who supposed to deliver the product didnt show up and didnt hear from them, then we want to trace them…we believed that before they can get the money 2 gov’t ids must be presented first with pic and address. But we tried our best to get those info, the cebuana lhuiller didnt give way. And asked too many docs, like police report, blotter, etc…


  13. Angela

    I sent money to someone as payment for online transactions. However they wrongly used other name instead of me. I asked the employee if could they change it into mine since its for my online transaction and I want my receipt of payment be as accurate as possible so that if the receiver won’t gave me the items that I bought I can complain. Bu the employee refused to change the name and said that its alright to use other name. And also, I don’t earn any points because of the incidents. They used the other cards.

  14. genelyn

    I hope they’ll improve their services. I was very disappointed with the way they implement unreasonable and inconsistent procedures such as needing to show my daughter’s registration form aside from just requiring her an I.D. Card. We went to 3 branches of Cebuana. In the first branch, they only require her to show her I.D., unfortunately we weren’t able to withdraw the money due to insufficient funds they had…forjust 20+k. So we went to other branch hoping that we’ll be able to withdraw the money but they had required for additional document…saying that it is their international regulation to require such documents! whatttt! so I said that I have not found any such regulation in their system… Napaka unreasonable po kc sa I.D. card ng anak ko nakalagay naman yong Validity…SY 2018-2019…it was so ridiculous procedure. Please Cebuana…please paki correct po ang mga ganitong procedures ninyo…I wasted sooo much time. I had the same encounter on the third branch wgere we went…no enough cash!

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