Why Asking For The President’s Psychological Records?

If you were asked to bring out in public your psychological records, would it anger you or express willingness to do so? If you have nothing to hide that kind of challenge is no big deal.

“Marahil, higit na makabubuti kung ilabas ninyo, Ginoong Pangulo, ang inyong SALN, at ipaliwanag ito sa taong-bayan. Siguro, isama ninyo na rin ang inyong bank accounts at psychological records na matagal ng isyu. Mayroon po tayong obligasyon na ipakita sa taong-bayan na maayos ang ating pagiisip.”

Obviously, Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona is trying to divert the attention of the Filipinos on President Aquino’s mental state, which has been an issue long before he was elected as the Chief Executive.

May it came from illegal means or violating the bank secrecy law or admissible or not as evidence, the alleged hidden multi-million peso account of the Chief Justice were already divulged in public and many believed that it could be the key to his impeachment.

And now, as his way to lashed back to President’s Aquino’s recent criticisms on his questionable assets, Corona wants the President to act on something that is “personal.”

So why the psychological records? How important is the mental stability of a nation leader?

By the way, according to the qualifications stated in the 1987 Constitution, anyone can run for the Office of the President if (1) he is a registered voter, (2) at least 40 years of age, (3) able to read and write, (4) a Filipino citizen by birth, and (5) a resident of the Philippines for at least 10 years before the election.

Those qualifications does not say that a President of the Philippines must be mentally fit. Another Constitutional lapse, I think.

We do not want to believe that the President has psychological problems based on observations on his performance in the government. Otherwise, it would be a great dilemma of the country.

Again, if there is nothing to curtain, let the psychological records be open in public, as well as the assets. That is, if the Aquino administration is truly pushing transparency in the bureaucracy.

In return, the Chief Justice should also expose all his actual assets too.


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