Why are DSTT Cards Popular?

The game freaks go crazy when they are interrupted while playing games. This disturbance may be due to the interruption in flash cards, low memory space or the game not loading properly etc. A simple way to get rid of these disturbances is to use a gaming card that will not only ley you play your game peacefully but also let you enjoy the songs as and when you want. And, in this category of gaming flash cards is DSTT Firmware card.

Why is a DSTT Card Famous?

DSTT card is one of the oldest cards invented to be compatible on Nintendo gaming devices. But this card is only compatible with Nintendo DS lite and might not work with Nintendo DSi. This card was introduced to make it feasible for game lovers to enjoy music and movies too. And, these movies and songs could easily be enjoyed on the same handheld consoles as used for games. Needless to say, these were the reasons why DSTT cards became famous immediately after its launch.

Features of the DSTT Card

This popular card had some features that were new to the gaming cards then. Some of these features are mentioned below.

· It had a games menu system that displayed complete list of games and multimedia files making it easy for the users to select from. This works great for first timers who love a specific game and like to play it often.

· This card has effective dimensional controls and is light weighted as compared to original R4 card.

· The DSTT card comes with a push slot that works well.

DSTT gained fame in comparison to original R4 as the firmware of the former was updated when DSTTi, another version of the card was launched. But the latter had no updates in the firmware and that is why failed to attract users.

If you are using a gaming console for the first time and wish to use a card that is not just easy to use but suits your pocket too, then opt for DSTT card. But there is catch here. You will get the best use of this card when it is a genuine one that is bought from genuine dealers like dscardworld.

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