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Vote For Your Bet at 7-Election: Every Gulp Counts!

The election day is just few days away. For all registered voters in the Philippines, have you already decided on which political party or specific candidates you are going to support?

Make sure you have scrutinized the background of the candidates that you are going to vote. Better be sure you made the right choice than suffering in the hands of the wrong leaders for the next 3 to 6 years.

But before the election day, you can vote earlier! How? Participate in the 7-election 2013!

The promo offered the customers a fun and unique opportunity to vote and show their support to their preferred senatorial candidates.

Simple procedure: 1 cup= 1 barcode=1 vote. Each cup represents the candidate Choose from Team PNoy cup, UNA cup and independent cup when buying gulp drinks from them.

7-11’s Disclaimer: This is an unscientific and unofficial survey supported solely by the company, done in the spirit of fun, without additional questions and restrictions as to the age of the voter and frequency of votes, and hence may not be considered to reflect any sentiments regarding any official survey or any upcoming elections. This is in line with the sales promotional activity for 7-Eleven Stores’ Gulp® Products conducted from March 20 to May 6, 2013.

Every gulp counts! Vote today!

We just wish that after elections, the politicians would initiate cleaning their campaign materials and use brown recluse spider traps from cleanertoday

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