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Unreasonable Parking Fees In Intramuros, Manila

It’s been a while since I last visited Intramuros in Manila. The place was very memorable to me since college days. It is like where my heart was left.

But today was a surprised to me. The roadside in front of a fast food chain in Anda St. corner Muralla St. was no longer free parking. And unfortunately, maybe there are also areas in Intramuros that are not open to public parking.

It was odd because why would the Intramuros management charge parking fees in front of a fast food chain like Jollibee?  We ate less than 30 minutes at Jollibee and we were charged P40 for the parking fee. If we were not hungry that time, especially that I have 3 children with me, we will not eat in Jollibee and look for other place instead. Forty pesos is enough to buy a Jollibee meal already!

I haven’t contacted the Intramuros administration yet because it’s Sunday.They may have their own reasons for imposing such fees or they might not know about it.

A certain Joseph Casaway gave us the parking ticket and ask for the money. When we questioned him, Casaway said he’s with Intramuros management. But there’s another man with him who told us that we could give some amount to Casaway instead of a parking fee. My husband agreed to pay P20 but I was suspicious. In the end, I got the ticket and paid him P40 because I planned to investigate.

Is this the official parking ticket of Intramuros administration?

Moreover, I observed that other drivers who parked their vehicles at Jollibee were also surprised when they asked  to pay for parking fee.

If indeed the Intramuros administration imposed such parking fees, they are not promoting good tourism. The thing is, there are still big trucks, passenger jeepneys and tricycles that parked along the main road around the vicinity of Intramuros. And P40 is too expensive than mall parking fees!

Also, should the Jollibee management make some arrangements with Intramuros administration to provide free parking to their customers?

It was like we were robbed in a broad daylight.

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