Understanding Media Personalities’ Dress Code

First impression lasts, as many would say. It may not be fair but some people would judge you from outside. If you look unfit, they might think that you cannot be trusted or your hard-earned credibility will be compromised.

Most of media personalities never left home without a presentable dress on. Wearing their best dress every day is their way of establishing professionalism and integrity.

Especially on those who regularly aired on television, news and current affairs anchors always make sure that they will give a good impression to the viewers.

Field reporters, in general, are said to be the face of their media entities. They are the ones who have personal encounter with high-ranking government officials, foreign dignitaries, businessmen and different kinds of people. In this reason, news correspondents, especially the television reporters, consider investing on their wardrobe. For many, it is worth the effort and expenses because they enjoy the warm treatment from news sources.

One government executive was heard murmured, “Is he a real reporter? He looks like a hao shiao,” referring to a guy who wants him to interviewed. Hao Shiao is a common term in media which means fake or bogus or fly-by-night. That official can’t help but to comment like that because the man who introduced himself as a newspaper columnist was wearing an outfit of a cowboy.

Some of the reporters believe that they may not need to wear too formal or overwhelming fashionable outfits during their news coverage. Hippie Clothes or Hippie Skirts or other comfortable but presentable dresses they could put on will do. But it will depends on what assignment a reporter can receive from their news managers and editors. If she will be assigned to roving, which could mean she may encounter coverage like fire, crimes or floods, she need not to wear a blazer or a cocktail dress. Otherwise, she will be very uncomfortable.

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