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The Search For New Teen Azkals Is On

It was just few years ago that the concept of forming a group of young football players which will compete against different countries was created. And now, they have gained success and will continue to reap the fame that the team deserves.

And as they reached success, the group of Teen Azkals team manager Alvin Carranza is now scouting more qualified young football players in the country. As part of their mission to identify talents and putting them together in a program then exposing the young players internationally.

Coach Aris Caslib said they will be needing 25 finalists for the national team in the category of under 18-years old, who are soon to be developed as part of Team Azkals.

To join, simply submit a video of the player who’s in act of playing the match for the scout team to easily identify the potential.

On July 7 and 8, the National Capital Region Selection will be held in International School Manila, University Parkway, Fort Bonifacio in Taguid City.

The Philippine Team Selection will be on August 4 to 12 in the football grounds in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental. Visit Teen Azkals on Facebook to know more.

There will be background checking especially on the age of the aspiring player. The players should be willing to serve the country.

For parents and guardians who understandably will have some fears for their kids, Caslib said that the education of those players will not be compromised by the trainings.

Sustaining the surge

Caslib emphasized the need to sustain the surge of football in the Philippines. This would mean sowing effective training from the grassroots level.

Moreover, the continuing education for the coaches must be consider to produce quality players thus can give more honor to the country.

One of the factors also is the launching of competitions from club level to age group, both for girls and boys and men’s and women’s. From these, talented players can be identified for future national youth team.

The support of every Filipino for the Teen Azkals in essential. The national team cannot do it alone to achieve more victories, any help counts.

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