The Benefits of Using a TimeClock In Your Business

Electronic timeclocks are a staple in most businesses that employ a large number of employees as a way to keep track of time.

Using a timeclock gives the business an easy way to track the number of hours employees work and calculate the related pay. However, there are a plethora of reasons that small businesses or businesses with fewer employees should install time clocks in their businesses. These include:

Tracking Time and Attendance

When you have employees working for you, you need to have a way to properly track time that doesn’t depend on the honesty of the employee or you. Having a timeclock employed in your business, whether electronic or mechanical, provides you with a tangible way that will leave no question for either you or your employees as to what days and how many hours were worked during a given week.

Manage Hours and Ensure Proper Staffing Levels

Using timeclocks and timekeeping software allows you to compare the number of employees that were working at a specific time with the number of sales that were produced during that same period in order to determine whether or not you were over or understaffed. Over the long haul, you can use this information to predict how many employees you will need working at any particular time in order to help control labor costs while ensuring that the needs of your customers are being met.

Manage Adherence to Work and Break Periods

Federal law mandates that employees who work a certain number of hours be provided with breaks and meal periods. In order to ensure your business is in compliance with these rules as well as provide evidence that supports your compliance with these rules, it is important to have a written record of not only the days/times hours worked, but when and for how long breaks are being taken. Having employees clock in and clock out accordingly for breaks and meal periods ensures that your employees are following the rules, it provides you with tangible proof.

Timeclocks provides a large number of benefits to companies of all shapes and sizes. Having a time clock installed in your business will help you manage your employees and ensure that each employee is paid for the actual hours worked every week.

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