Terrorists in Manila

binladen Do you believe in the presence of terrorists in Manila?

A Singaporean-based intelligence security analyst Professor Rohan Gunarathna, head of the management staff of the International Center for Political Violence and Terrorism-Singapore, claimed that the international terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah is planning to executive bombings in parts of the national seat of government and in Mindanao.

But the Armed Forces of the Philippines through its Public Affairs officer Colonel Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos immediately clarified what the Professor had said during the informal meeting of ASEAN Defense Chiefs.

“We were monitoring at least four (JIs) but these are in and out in the porous borders with Malaysia and Indonesia. The most important thing here is that we continue to monitor and validating information. We’ve lots of information from different sources as there are also different analytical tools being used to validate information. But the most important thing here is we integrate that and we try to validate everything. Our intelligence operatives . . . have established and expanded our barangay intelligence network. We are continuously trying to identify support networks of terrorist groups particularly the Abu Sayyaf. Once we identify their support system, including lines of communications, we isolate them. That’s why we had this kind of intelligence summit to compare notes and to share information. The most important thing that happened during the summit is they came up with a resolution of fusion signed by all the delegates.”

The official did not categorically denied that there are no terrorists in the National Capital Region, right?

But just not to create panic among metropolis residents, the authorities assured the public on what they are doing to prevent such attacks. Would that be enough? Let it be their denials because terrorists can really come and go and hide in the best way they can. What is important for all of us is to stay vigilant at all times.

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