Strong typhoon checks into a 5-star hotel Sofitel in Manila


Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila is one of the most luxurious hotel in the Philippines. It is located at CPP Complex Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City. It become more expensive than other hotels because of its spectacular views fronting the Manila bay and the relaxing, comfort and refined ambiance it could give to the customers within their stay. Sofitel could be a best place for businessmen and family recreation.

They offer as much as almost P1,000 per person on overnight stay (and that is without using other amenities in the hotel or breakfast).

But when Typhoon Pedring visited the country, he was amazed by the beauty of Sofitel too and checks into.

Since the hotel is seated beside the bay, it become one of the casualties of the typhoon which has strong winds that swept the waves inside due to storm surge. Good thing that the guests are all safe and were transferred to other hotels.

sofitel2 sofitel1

photos by a Sofitel employee JBautista

The big question now is: How safe Hotel Sofitel or other establishments along the Manila bay from possible strike of tsunami? Although the Philippines has not been visited by devastating tsunami yet, who could tell it will not happen in the future?

Yes, you will love the place but can you take the risk, especially if you’re with your family?

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