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Freedom of expression — this is something that people today value and exercise. Yet, there are some who blatantly abuse this freedom, not caring about the impact and effect of their expression will be.

It will be easy enough to bring a fender passport venue to a high traffic area and start blaring out your opinion on the latest issues or whatever it is that you feel strongly about. In your practice of your freedom to express yourself, have you ever thought about what rights of other people you might be encroaching on? You might not realize it but you could be stepping on other people’s rights and freedom as well.

There are ways to express yourself. Nothing is holding you back from speaking up and saying your piece. There are, however, certain rules that you will have to abide by. There are repercussions that you should be ready to be subjected to as well. Speaking up is not just about freedom. It is also about exercising a certain level of responsibility and accountability.

Speak up if you must. But, not without thinking about your statement several times over. This does not apply to public personalities and members of the press only. Everybody has the responsibility of ensuring the responsible practice of freedom of expression.

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  • Melyn

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