Sereno: First Lady Chief Justice And The Second Longest In The Philippine History

The Philippines now have its first ever lady Chief Magistrate, Associate Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. Today, President Ninoy Aquino administered the oath to Sereno.

Sereno will have 18 years as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court before reaching the mandatory retirement age. She’ll be serving four Presidents: Aquino, the winners of presidential elections in 2016, 2022 and 2028. This would make her as the second justice with the longest years of appointment in the SC. Former Chief Justice Cayetano Arellano had 18 years and 9 months in the position.


Twitter users are now making humorous twist using hash tag #CJpasiSereno. This was started by Twitter user Francis Acero.


Funniest lines on Twitter about incoming Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno’s appointment as Chief Justice. She will be serving the Highest Tribunal for the next 18 years.

Storified by divine_caraecle · Sat, Aug 25 2012 03:16:03

Nabuhay na ulit si Voldemort #CJpasiSerenoCP Cook
Justin Bieber came out of the closet. #CJpasiSerenopierre san diego
BFFs na sina Bongbong at Noynoy #CJpasiSerenoCP Cook
May iPhone 100 na #CJPaSiSerenognegpadua
May promo fare na ang Cebu Pacific sa Mars #CJpasiSerenoJing Panganiban-M.
May isda nang buhay sa Pasig River, #CJpasiSereno.CP Cook
Pag-aari na ni @iamMVP lahat hehe #CJPaSiSerenoBam Alegre
laos na Facebook at Twitter #CJpasiSerenopertmendoza
Butas-butas na ang sombrero ni @kuyakim_atienza #CJpasiSerenoFerdinand Topacio
Matinee idols na ang Going Bulilit #CJpasiSerenoPaolo San Gabriel
lahat ng trivia nasabi na ni @kuyakim_atienza #CJPaSiSerenoMarlon Ramos
Na-remake na ang Mara Clara ng dalawampung beses #CJPaSiSerenoDavid Y. Santos
Nawala na yung accent ni Charice #CjpaSiSerenoGabriel
Tumaba na si Kim Chiu #CJpasiSerenoMarga
my buhok na si boy Abunda…#CJpasiSerenopacute
BREAKING: After reading the #CJPaSiSereno jokes, Justice Lourdes Sereno declines appointmentProfessional Heckler

This calls for a big celebration! Were the catering equipment ready?


  1. Clarinda Santiago

    We’ll see what she can do for justice and equality. I don’t want to judge her this early. I have strong faith that P-noy knows who is the best for the government and the people of the Philippines…

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