Saving in times of pandemic still possible

Some would argue that this global pandemic made it hard for many people to save money because they lost their jobs or their family had experienced health crisis due to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) or their small businesses went on closure.

However, not everyone experienced losses during pandemic though. A few took the public health crisis as an opportunity and some actually became millionaires!

Instead of embracing the pandemic’s curse, it would be better if one will focus on thinking of the strategies to earn and eventually save money to prepare for the same unexpected situation in the future.

A 35-year-old call center agent, Linda, lost her job during the early months of pandemic. She, at first, was disheartened because as a breadwinner of the family, losing a job means inability to provide for them and they might suffer in hunger. But resiliency strike her and she began to think of ways to earn by selling plants online. She contacted some friends who can help her acquire supply of plants to sell.

Linda didn’t expect that she would received many orders in a day. Her initial capital of $100 which she lend from a friend, got tripled in a day.

She then started to save a part of her income for emergencies and the rest are for her beloved family. She also self-study financial planning so that she could handle well her finances for the future.

There are more stories like Linda which only proved that pandemic is not actually a hindrance to earn and save but a situation to overcome and win.

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