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Save the Students from Hell

The recent arrest of the two college students who allegedly tried to market around P1.5 million worth of suspected party drugs and “shabu” is another reason for the government to implement drastic measures to protect the youth.

Eleazar anti-illegal drugs campaign

It will be a nightmare for every parent learning that their child became a victim (either being a user or pusher) of illegal drugs. But why wait when we can do something to prevent it?

The government has intensified the campaign against illegal drugs since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed the post. Thousands of drug suspects have died and arrested but apparently, drug syndicates are relentless.

The wisdom of “prevention is better than cure” remains effective. It should start from home and from school.

Random inspections in schools must be allowed

National Capitol Region Police Office (NCRPO) Chief Director Guillermo Eleazar proposed to implement random bag and locker inspections in schools noting that the growing number of drug suspects arrested and surrendered are proof of the large scale of the illegal drug problem in the country.

He emphasized that “implementing the surprise inspections will help prevent the youth from getting mixed up with illegal drugs.”

However, some sectors opposed the proposal, saying that its implementation might allow Oplan Tokhang to victimize students. Even the Department of Education (DepEd) vowed to take care of the students’ privacy.

Eleazar already clarified that the police would not be involved in the proposed random inspections in schools but the teachers.

The police official came up with the proposal after some teachers reported to them the elementary students who were caught with 20 or 30 sachets of marijuana under their possession.

“The background is because there was a case, elementary students that were caught in possession of 20 or 30 sachets of marijuana na binebenta sa school at ginagamit pa nila so well that was the result of the inspection that [was] conducted by the teacher,” Eleazar said.

“So naisip ko na mas maganda siguro na the teachers have surprise inspection of the bags and lockers,” he added.

DepEd and CHED must act

Not everyone acted to make sure that all students are protected from the influence of illegal drugs. Obviously because just recently there are two college students were caught red handed in the involvement in illegal drug trade in Metro Manila.

Will there be any problem with the random inspections if it will be implemented with proper coordination and protocols? Most parents agreed to proceed with care and responsibly.

How hard is it for the officials of DepEd and CHED to understand the need to act to ensure the safety of their students? Their policy of drug testing the teachers is commendable, but would that be enough?

Being victimized by illegal drugs is a life of a hell. Whether a drug user or drug pusher, it is a hell life.

General Eleazar is not politicizing when he suggested the move. It is valid. It is important.


  • Allison Gatchalian

    If General Eleazar already assured that no policeman will be involve in the random inspections, why not? This is a great preventive measure.

  • Augustin

    Anong hinihintay ba ng DepEd at ayaw nilang ipatupad? Basta hindi pulis ang mag iinspeksyon, dapat walang problema ruon. Inform naman pati mga magulang kung may ganyang policy sa school

  • David Soberano

    Basta walang itinatago, walang dapat ikatakot. Maganda nga itong suggestion ni General Eleazar. At least si General nag-iisip ng paraan, yung iba nganga.

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