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For many years now, Filipinos are using the same old features of driver’s license. If it is not lost, it easily faded so you have to acquire a license card even before the renewal date.

The current driver’s license has only one purpose – to be use as identification card in government or any transactions. And unfortunately, the license card is so easy to fake. The syndicate, with several cohorts from the Land Transportation Office, has been raking millions of money in selling fake licenses.

But why not enhanced it just like how other nations did? How about a driver’s license with many uses or as a national ID? How about a driver’s license with more security features?  I believe, it is about time to implement it.

You can share your thoughts on this through the survey below. In this manner, we could also help the government to understand the need of this move. If you’re not agree to it, we still want to know your insights. By completing the survey, you can also stand a chance to become ONE of the 4 WINNERS in the raffle.

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