Pacquiao for President?

Pacman for President!

Yeah right.

Everybody loves Manny Pacquiao as a boxer. No one in the boxing history of the world achieved the 8-division titles but him.

Then, residents of Sarangani province trusted and voted him to be their representative in the Congress. And he won, at least after previous defeat on his first time candidacy.

The fact that Pacquiao lost on his first attempt to win as a congressman last 2007 elections, he may not have the confidence of all Filipinos as a politician.

Now that he’s considering to run as a President of the Philippines in the future, why not? Nobody can stop him from dreaming or believing that he can better serve the country as a leader.

The biggest question is– can he convince the majority of Filipinos to vote for him? Pacquiao could be a great fighter in boxing arena but I doubt he could knock-out the tribulations in the country.


  • avatarlady

    No, I don't believe he will run for the presidency, but he should qualify once he got the Nobel Price. It will make a record-breaking history.

  • Dothy

    If he runs as president maybe he has a higher chance to win. But of course, marami ring detractors so it will be how he’s going to handle those people and how he’ll get many to vote for him, especially those who belong to A and B crowd.

  • Anonymous

    I salute him as a sports hero. Hat’s off!! – no question about that,  but to become a President? Oh No! There are other ways He can serve and help the poor Filipinos by not being a ruler.

  • J Allyssa

    Please NO. He may have a lot of boxing fans, pero the people should be wary na when it comes to hailing celebrities as a national leader. His latest performance in the Congress shows that when it comes to running and leading the country, he will be knocked out. 

  • Steve del Castillo

    Manny Pacquiao for president? No Please! Just stay in boxing or just retire cause he he have everything! money,popularity! you dont have to be a politician just to help the filipinos in need!

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