Ningas Cogon Among Filipinos Can Kill

SM SM has been considered as the biggest mall in the country. They have branches almost all over the Philippines. Their malls, sometimes, become very known landmark in the provinces.

Such attraction for all walks of people must implement fairly tight security, right? They claimed to have good security measures. But how come that 4 people died in their malls in two incidents within a month?

Last September 14, two people died when Shiela Macapugay shot her husband Abel then turned the gun on herself but when the guard tried to stop her, she shot him dead too.Love triangle is said to be the motive.

The SM management was quoted saying this:

SM deeply regrets the shooting incident inside SM North EDSA’s lower ground floor that left two people dead. We will conduct a thorough investigation… and then implement appropriate measures.

But a week after, a “copycat” shooting incident happened in SM Pampanga involving two minors. Again, love triangle is said to be the motive of the crime. They died without resolved. Who really shot who is still a big question for the police investigators. There’s still no final conclusion on who owns the gun which used in the shooting.

What is clear now— that two incidents proved the huge lapses on SM security measures. Not once but twice in a row! Tsk! Tell me if there’s no negligence on their part.

In lieu of this unfortunate events and to prevent this from happening again, malls have tightened their security checks. See how long this line before entering the mall? It’s not in SM but in Trinoma, their competitor. They only implemented such strict measure after what happened in SM.


However, do you think it will lasts long? I bet no.

How many times that malls been a target of terrorism? In a while they will implement tighter security but after a month, back to normal system of just checking the bags without knowing what the security guards are really looking for inside your belongings. What Filipinos called ningas cogon is more contagious and dangerous!

Should this be an eye opener for the authorities and all citizens to be vigilant at all times? Yes, but it should be more than that.

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