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Mr. Ube News: Not The @TXTFIRE Alert Service Provider That You’re Looking For

Be careful on what you’re subscribing to.

My line of work obliged me to be updated on what’s happening around Metro Manila, especially FIRE incidents. So when I learned about TXTFIRE Philippines, I immediately subscribed my mobile number for fire alerts.

But in more than two years now, not once I received any fire alert. What I got were all news updates and quotes! It was delivered by Mr. Ube. WORST, I received mostly advertisements! And they send alerts even in an unholy hour! The time when you’re trying to sleep then your phone alerted you a text message, and when you read it, they are all quotes!

I remember when they had an option to turned off the alerts and I did unsubscribed. But I was surprised to received more and more Mr. Ube alerts!

When I had a spare time to call their landline today, I was answered by a woman and told her my concern. But instead of assisting me, she asked me to call again and dropped the phone just like that. What??? Was that what you called public service? Or should I say, rude service! All I want is to unsubscribed because their text alerts are becoming more and more annoying and not helping me at all.

I did wish to change my mobile number, but in a second thought, why should I sacrifice my other contacts because of TXTFIRE Philippines and Mr. Ube News? That’s too much!

What was your motto again, Mr. Ube? Yeah right!

The second call I did was answered by a man named Al. He told me to unsubscribed, just text ALERT OFF and send it to 0918 688-8888. And I did it.
I got text confirmations.

But in just few seconds, I received another quote!!! Are they kidding me?

TXTFIRE Philippines you are really not helping! Maybe it would be better if you just pick any instrument from musians friend and try to reflect on your performance.

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