Maguindanao Massacre Case: Justice After Thousand Years?

Today marked the second year of the most dreadful crime against media members—the Maguindanao massacre.

Unfortunately, until now, the trials of the case were just going in circles. The cases against the masterminds and suspects are not yet moving. Yes, some of them were in jail now, but no one has been convicted yet. No justice is served. It only proved the bold weakness of our legal system.

Again, justice delayed is justice denied.

This is what just the Malacanang has to say…

“We would wish that the judicial process be fast-tracked. This case is not in the hands entirely of the executive branch or the prosecution. It is within the discretion of the trial judge, it is within the discretion of the judiciary. We ourselves in the prosecution, we ourselves in the executive branch, we share the public’s concern that this case is taking  so long and we would hope that the judiciary would take a second look at the pace of the trial so that justice would be obtained within this term, within the administration of President Aquino,” Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said.

Did Malacanang really wants us to believe that they cannot do anything about the Maguindanao massacre case?

President Aquino declared war against extrajudicial killings, but it’s a just lip service. In his term, they are already several journalists that has been killed. More and more are still being threatened.

So, what’s next? How many years are we going to wait for all those extra-legal crimes to be solved and/or never happened again?

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