Leaders of the Catholic Church Should Make Reflections Too

It is understandable that the Catholic Church would strongly oppose Reproductive Health bill. The Church advocates the sanctity of life, therefore, any means to control creation are big NO NO to them.

But the debate about this issue should not go down to the level where leaders of the Church seems to become desperate and resorts to personal attacks against individuals behind the proposal.

I will never ever empathize with some parish priests who at the middle of their homily lashes out the supporters of pro-Reproductive Health bill. I heard that there’s a priest who dared devotees to walk out of the mass if they believe on the proposed legislation. If that’s true, it is really uncalled for. We are in a democratic country. We have a freedom of choice and we are responsible to the outcome of our decisions.

Filipinos would appreciate more if both sides will have intelligent discussions and eventually lead to a win-win situation. I don’t believe in Reproductive Health bill but I submit to the idea of responsible parenthood.

I think the Church should also make their own reflections during this Holy Week on how they will make strong arguments against the move to control the increasing population which is said to be one of the reasons of poverty in the country, without loosing their fair judgement.


  • Cherrylej

    hi, so you’re from the Philippines? yes, i strongly agree with what you have said on your post.what they are doing is a scandal against their belief.i hope that thew would read the proposal of the reproductive health bill before they give out opinions.

  • Josie

    the church should give a chance to the proposal, if this can teach those people especially living in squatters area, who has no jobs and but produce the highest number of children in the country some knowledge on family planning/control.

  • Survey Tool.j_ann

    it’s really hard to have a solution to a problem if the problem is the people itself. nobody wants to compromise then who will? we don’t have the sense of responsibility one way or the other.

  • Mars

    I’m not saying that the church should be pro on family planning and all that, but I think they should also consider the welfare of the country as well.

  • J Allyssa

    Nawawalan ako ng gana whenever I attend mass and the priest will bring up the RH Bill topic out of nowhere. And their attacks are somewhat below the belt too. Sana we can all respect everyone’s opinion on this one and leave it to the Congress to decide. 

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