Landslide-Prone Areas In The Philippines

Typhoon Sendong killed more than a thousand lives in Cagayan de Oro, Iligan and other areas in Northern Mindanao in December 2011.

Just a month later, many people also died in a landslide in Compostella Valley, the gold-rich land in the Philippines.

Landslides become the most deadliest tragedy in the country and even though the Mines and Geosciences Bureau already gave warning, most of the residents disregarded it.

Why is it hard for those residents to heed on the authorities’ call to relocate to safer places? Because of the lack of livelihood opportunities. Some would just take the risks in trying to give their families enough to eat and to survive.

But lives are more important. So better act now.

But first, check this LINK if you’re area is included in the landslide-prone areas.

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