Kidnapping And Extracting Of Internal Organs Of Children Must Stop

Apparently, the authorities were not taking seriously the reported kidnapping of children and then extracting their internal organs which eventually led to the death of those innocent kids.

Organs such as heart, eyes and kidneys were said to be sold at a tempting price.

Does this sound unbelievable? Yes, but if we would believe the testimonies of the young witnesses especially those who escaped from the dreadful hands of the syndicate, it should make the government and law enforcers act decisively and firmly.

Witnesses fearfully stated the same stories on how they were kidnapped and dragged onboard a van. Then, the suspects would inject something on the victims and incised their abdomen which later, their organs were extracted.

Some would recover the bodies of the victims with money stuffed at the incised abdomen, probably in exchange of the snatched internal organs.

This is not just happening in the provinces, they are many cases reported in Metro Manila too. Unfortunately, some would just dismissed it as a tale, not until they became the victim.

Whether it is true or not, everyone should always be vigilant.

  • Parents must take extra precautions on their child’s security. Teach them not to speak with strangers and also on how to react in case of forced abduction.
  • Local government, particularly the barangay officials, should implement unrelenting campaign against crimes like kidnapping. Barangay watchmen visibility is highly encouraged, and by the way, it is their duty right?
  • National police must take actions on reported cases and hunt down the syndicate and their cohorts.

Of course, the kidnapping syndicate would do any means and will move its money to protect their vicious trade. What is needed to counter it is simply the political will to eradicate such activity.


  • Tara Woodruff

    This is a Huge Problem! This is happening all over the world. There was a Large bust in America , 40 people in Newark NJ in 2009!

  • Liz @ Make Money Online

    sounds really scary. But I heard old stories about this one, too when I was just a kid. And I know, we just all have to be vigilant and cooperative.

  • dimaks

    This is sick. We’ve gone to selling human parts, alongside the technological advancement that we called the answer to humane issues. On this subject, i think the strong cooperation and vigilance of the general public, with the ruling authorities will be a huge thing to stop this crime from happening further.

  • Herbert

    It has been on going ever since, we just dont have the information about where it is happening. I saw an episode in NGC or Discovery if im not mistaken that a certain prison that sells the organs of those who are being executed

  • Jonha | SavingisSexy

    I was immediately saddened just by reading the title. It’s a serious issue and I hope that our country’s leaders would focus on this, the media would focus on how they could let the people get a better understanding and awareness rather than trying to figure out where would Pnoy go next on his date and who in the world would he end up with. I think it’s one of those crucial issues that need more attention.

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