Is Poverty an Excuse to Commit Suicide?

The death of Kristel Tejada, a student of the University of Manila who committed suicide allegedly due to her inability to settle her account with the said university, has sparked many arguments about the state of education in our country, about poverty, and about the emotional state of today’s youth. 

While many blame the current system of the University of the Philippines, there are those who believe that this problem alone should not have pushed Tejada to take her own life.  This incident has raised questions on whether poverty is an excuse to commit suicide. 

Although researchers have documented a link between socioeconomic status and mental health, there are no conclusive evidences that point to poverty as the cause of suicide.  What research shows is that those with low socioeconomic status are more likely to suffer from anxiety, mood disorders, substance abuse, and depression.

So, does this mean that poverty is an excuse to commit suicide?  If it is, then more than a fourth of our country’s citizens have a justifiable reason to take their own lives.  Poverty may bring about anxiety due to financial problems and emotional insecurities but this should never be an excuse to commit suicide – there really is no excuse for giving up and taking your own life.  

Many have gone through hand-to-mouth existence yearning to shop komplete 8 and many other wants but are never able to.  Most live the rest of their lives in dire need and resign themselves to a life of poverty.  Others strive to overcome their circumstances and work hard to succeed in life.  Proof of this is the thousands of outstanding citizens in various fields who have overcome poverty and made a name for themselves.


  • Crystal Cruz

    no i don’t think poverty is the excuse for suicide. kumbaga kung mahirap ka, mag sumikap ka. bakit kailangan mong patayin o kilitin ang buhay mong hiram. kasalanan yan sa Diyos.

  • Erica M. Baylosis

    For me no , because there are many ways on how to have a money . For example , she can find job , maybe she can be a crew in Jollibee , or Mcdo . Im super sad in this news . 🙁 She commit a suicide because of money :((

  • Belinda B. Ibanez

    I beg to disagree that POVERTY is an excuse to commit suicide, it’s so sad to hear this news. There are other ways and means to eliminate or to lessen poverty.


    Poverty should not be an excuse to commit suicide. If you want your life to change for the better, you have to work really hard and suicide is never an answer.

  • carla venice relayo

    if the government is aware of the current situation i think that lady will not go on suicide. She’s studying that’s why she is so depressed that she cannot pay her tuition fee. they should analyze the situation so that it will never happen again.

  • Clarinda Santiago

    Committing suicide is not mainly an issue on poverty, it’s more of morality. I came fr a very poor family, my mom, who was a single parent earns 100 pesos or less (late 90’s) but she managed to raise me well. We never skipped a meal and she instilled my mind of having faith in God. She’s not that religious but she at least taught me so much about morality. Now, look where I am and what I have. My life is so much better than the life I had before. Instead of being discouraged, poverty encouraged me to strive harder, failures gave me the reason to work smarter and now I’m proud to say, I have succeeded in most of the things that I want to do…

  • Steve del Castillo

    Is not excuse to commit suicide for poverty. because you have to find ways not to be poor if you a chance to got work then work. if you have chance to own a business then go.

  • Clarinda Santiago

    I believe committing suicide is not an issue on poverty but morality. I came from a very poor family. My mother, when she was still alive, earns only a hundred peso or less in a day as a vegetable vendor but there was never a time that we skipped a meal. She had raised me so well that I graduated Salutatorian in high school and became a scholar in college in one of the state universities here. She was not that religious but she at least taught me so much about morality and faith in God. That’s why even though life was so hard during my youth, I never ever quit. The hardships and trials that came my way became my inspiration to strive harder and to work smarter. Now look where I am. I may not have so much but at least I can send my kids to a private school, we can pay the bills and the house amortizations io time.. I have my own business at home and very soon i’ll be having a second one… Never be frustrated if life doesn’t go along with your dreams and plans, there’s a right time for anything. Just learn to wait, God will grant it to you at the right place, at the right time

  • joy

    it depends on the situation, some people can’t help alleviate themselves from poverty so the only escape they can’t think is suicide ,its not an excuse but its the only way they know is the right thing to do

  • Iris Castillo

    No matter what you’ve been through, suicidal is never an excuse or answer to all your problems. Things wouldn’t be solve by means of killing your own life. We need to fight. This is how life works, we have to deal with it. Money, it’s one of huge problems of a human being. There are many successful persons in the society that comes from a very poor family instead of killing themselves, they work so hard to be in their place right now. We can earn money, but we can never earn a life again.

  • Roland Savellano

    It’s not an excuse! Nasa capacity kase ng tao yan how to handle stressfull problems. Siguro hindi siya yung tipo ng tao na fighter at kayang tiisin lahat ang hirap pra ma meet nya yung goal nya sa buhay.

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