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Impeachment Trial Day 6: Miriam Quotes

Today, it’s even more exciting to follow the impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona. Better not think about snail-pacing the trial, the good Senator hated to suffer from terminal boredom.

More of Senator Santiago’s quotes today:

Private prosecutor Arthur Lim got scolded:

Please don’t treat me as a mere observer. I am a judge in this proceeding! In any trial court, … you should not speak, you should not take any behavior at all unless with the consent of the presiding judge. Don’t drown me out by screaming in this courtroom! Only I can scream here and my fellow judges!

May I request the opportunity to speak. I have been here for five minutes. Out of courtesy to me as a senator of the land, will you please keep quiet until the Senate president has acted [on my request].”

We have agreed among ourselves that to be visible to the Senate president, we shall stand up even if he has not yet recognized us.

To lead prosecutor Rep, Neil Tupas on presenting BIR Commissioner Kim Henares as witness:

Are you introducing this witness merely as an attesting officer? Not to the veracity, that’s not possible. Or are you introducing her as an expert witness?

Dapat alam mo ‘yan. Huwag mo itapon sa private prosecutor. That is a basic question.

And the difference is this: the expert witness you can ask her hypothetical questions. But as an ordinary witness she will testify … only on what she knows. As a commissioner of the BIR she cannot be examined direct or indirect on whether the allegations in the income tax returns are true. That cannot be the purpose. Her purpose is only to prove that it is the same paper filed.

I already made the point that can’t possibly testify as to whether the allegations in the [ITRs] of the respondent are true or not. This is the income tax return filed by the Chief Justice in the [Bureau of Internal Revenue]. Would you agree or not? Then that’s the end of the discussion because that’s the only thing that the witness will testify on. [The witness] cannot say whether these allegations are true or not because she did not investigate.

Again, Atty. Arthur Lim…

This proceeding has been consuming too much time because some [in the prosecution] are engaging in orations. You don’t hold orations here! This is not a school of oratorical skills. This is a school of logic and experience.

So this person is suspicious and should not remain as Chief Justice. That should be the kind of questions [being raised]. We should not quarrel over other points. You’re confusing the public. They’re already mad at you!

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