Impeachment trial Day 5: Miriam Quotes

miriam santiagoMaybe the word “brake” is not in her dictionary. Especially, when she knows she’s right, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is unstoppable and speak like rapid-fire.

She is a law expert, no doubt and it was already proven when she was elected as one of the judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Santiago’s long-week absence doesn’t mean she’s not updated. And in her first day, Santiago erupted with a scorching disparage to her colleagues and lawyers of both defense and prosecution panels.

Below are my aggregation of her quotes.

Huwag na tayo pa-epal dito. Justice delayed is justice denied. Nawawalan na ng gana ang mga nanunuod.

It is both quasi judicial and quasi political, it is almost but not exactly like a political or judicial proceeding.

(By the way, I learned from Santiago that quasi is not pronounced as kwasay but kwasey! *wink*)

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