I Am A Kidnapper?!

It was a slow Saturday afternoon. I’m doing my regular rounds at work when our immediate supervisor called up and asked me to assist an apparently lost 3-year old girl.

The girl was accompanied by two men, who introduced themselves as concerned citizens, on our radio station. They claimed that the girl was abandoned in a food store in Quezon City and because they allegedly want to secure the child from harm, they decided to bring the child in our network office.

Our first intention was to report the lost child in the police station (Quezon City Police Station 10 –Kamuning) nearby. But unfortunately, NO ONE would like to attend at the Women and Children’s Desk of QCPD Station 10! No one is in the office! Attention, PNP Chief Director General Nicanor Bartolome. Where are your people?

A certain Noelito (one of the two men who brought the child) told me that he has to go because of his work. By the way, Noelito claimed that he’s a member of Kabayan Action Group. Does it exist? I am not sure.

On my mind, I asked, why suddenly he wants to leave the child? But I insisted that he has to come with me to a Department of Social Welfare and Development office.

While on our way to DSWD, I interviewed the little girl. She told me very limited information about her and her family. She seemed to be confused on where she lives. One thing that I noticed, she is too friendly even with strangers.

At first, the DSWD executive officer on-duty was hesitant to accept the child. She claimed that we should be presenting documents first like police blotter, medical records and police referral. But media people sometimes took shortcuts, so I insisted to accept the child. Besides, it’s almost dark then.

Noelito left us at DSWD office because, again, he said he still has work. So, the other guy named Melvin Go stayed with us until we successfully turned-over the girl to social welfare. Then, we dropped off Melvin Go in E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, where he claimed that he lives nearby.

A day after, a woman called in the office looking for me and I humbly spoke with her. She got the information about me from DSWD office where I turned-over the lost child.

In her hardly loud voice, she questioned me on surrendering her daughter to DSWD. She claimed that the girl was kidnapped!

The DSWD refused to give her the girl even though she already presented documents. Maybe the social welfare doubted either her claim as a mother or her capability to take care of the child.

It has been a week now since that incident and the child remains in DSWD custody. This made the anger of the so-called mother grew more against me, and now, insinuating that I am a kidnapper.

Really, some people do not know how to say thank you. I would understand her frustrations but the safety of the girl should be given with utmost importance. If they’re up to something, I don’t know.


  • Sarah

    The mother should have thought on the first place how and why she lost her child before she accused you who was just helping out. Good that the DSWD did not immediately give the daughter to her.They should investigate bakit nangyari yun.

  • Little World of Fun

    You just did a good thing sis, the girl’s safety should be taken cared of first. She was just maybe mad because it just proves her negligence. I know there are instances that we forget or lost our kid but she should say thank you of your good deeds.

  • Didi

    Yikes, buti nga nasa DSWD she should be thankful walang nangayaring masama sa anak niya and you spent time para madala siya dun.

  • Cielo of Brown Pinay

    Kainit naman ng ulo ito.

    Ang engot ng nanay ng batang yang mag isip isip nga sya…Kung kidnapper ka hindi mo na dadalihin ang bata sa DSWD. Malamang sa alamang nasa sindikato na yan.

    Isa pa sya ang dapat kasuhan dahil pinababayaan nya ang anak nya. In the first place, kung nasa tabi sya ng anak nya di walang ganito.


  • Mommy Jes

    aw!! she was just probably guilty coz she neglected her child! And she has no one to blame kaya ikaw nalang hhahahahha :)) susme!!

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