How Much A Meeting Would Costs?

Meetings, conferences, and any other forms of getting together is the only chance of almost all groups and associations in the society to fully discuss whatever agenda that they have. Even the materials that they’ve been using over time also evolved and somehow keep up with the latest trends of technology.

If you could still remember the time when these gatherings were still using card boards and pentel pens until such time when the whiteboard mount has been invented. Then came a time wherein overhead projectors do the thing and later on utilizes the fast paced laptop computers and holograms.

Since the election fever in the Philippines has started to heat up, we are expecting left and right meetings by many political parties nationwide. I just wonder how much it would cost them every meeting.

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  • Karen Hand

    Naturally any start up cost will be quite expensive. However, as time progresses the initial cost will be absorbed. Many countries will need to implement these upgrades to keep current with modern society.

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