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Higher Fuel, Water Prices Hike: Start Of Filipinos’ Burden In 2012

It was really a bang for Filipinos.

This month, prices of fuel, liquefied petroleum products (LPG) and water will be dramatically increase!

A P3 per kilo hike was implemented today. That means, the current price of an 11-kilo LPG tank is now at P650. Unfortunately, there will be another round of hike in the coming days. Small cooking gas players claimed that the adjustment was due to the higher contract price in the world market.

Some oil companies also announced its price hike at 12 midnight of December 3, 2011, Tuesday.

Moreover, Maynilad Water Services, Inc. and Manila Water Co. Inc. will have their increase of P2.49 and P2.18 per cubic meter, respectively, anytime this January.

After these hikes that will surely hurt many Filipinos, what’s next? Fare hike, increase of food prices, services charges adjustment?

Will the stagnant salary of ordinary employees is enough to sustain their families? I will not be surprise if another survey would state that the percentage of Filipinos who believed that they are poor and hungry are alarmingly increasing.

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