Have A Merry And Safe Christmas!

Crimes can happen anytime, anywhere. Even on a broad daylight, lawless elements strike and victimized innocent people.

Just recently, a young couple were victimized by snatchers in Quezon City, Philippines. They took the man’s cellular phone. It is a good thing that policemen were just around the corner and the couple immediately asked help and the authorities quickly traced the two suspects. However, only one suspect was arrested in a slum area where they ran to hide.


A suspect was apprehended. But I have witnessed that the victim punched the suspect in his face and the police let him do it, which is not right. It is a clear violation of his rights.




The suspect is allegedly a member of Sputnik Gang who has been frequently jailed for involvement on petty crimes.

And because we are on holiday season, everyone must take extra precautions and alertness against criminals.

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