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Guidelines Against Misleading Seat Sale Ads

Did the airline companies thought that they can mislead everyone with their seat sale or fare promo?

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima has issued a warning against the misleading advertisements on promotional fares, even as it set guidelines on how to promote such “seat sales.”

Among the guidelines set by the DOJ are:

1. Airline companies should be conscious of the allowable limits of their advertisements under the Consumer Act and the Airline Passenger Bill of Rights.

2. Ads should also contain reasonable details about the deal being offered, taking into account the perspective of a consumer.

3. Reasonable caveats or warnings like ‘plus applicable fees and charges,’ ‘exclusive of tax,’ or ‘base fare only’ should be prominently displayed in order to make it clear that a prominently advertised seat sale price is not all-inclusive.”

4. The full price of a particular airline ticket should be revealed to the consumer before a transaction is completed.

5. A seat sale ad should not operate like a “trap” and that a consumer should be given the chance to opt out after full details of a transaction is revealed.

6. Online transactions must be programmed in such a way that consumers are made aware not only of the full price of the transaction but of the benefits and charges that they can opt to avail or not.

7. Airline firms have the duty to understand that a ticket is composed not only of the base fare or the promotional fare but of other additional charges as well.

As consumers, we should always be vigilant in scrutinizing offers, especially those that involve significantly lower prices, and should know how to protect and assert our rights.

For feedbacks and other concerns, call the Department of Trade and Industry’s Consumer Welfare Desk at 811-8231 in Metro Manila or 751-3330 outside Metro Manila.


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